Divorce & Legal Separation

At Whitaker Kent Ordell PLLC, we understand that divorce can be an emotionally taxing process that often involves significant financial and personal decisions with long-term effects.

Whitaker Kent Ordell PLLC will work with you to develop a strategy to realize your desired results in the most practical manner possible.

Our practice focuses on representing high-net-worth individuals. We have significant experience in all aspects of complex dissolution cases, including cases involving business valuation, trusts, separate property tracing, and employment – related assets such as stock and stock option grants.

We help you chart the course for the next phase of your life by advising you on every aspect of your divorce including workable parenting and custody arrangements.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In Washington State, many divorce cases settle through a process known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), more commonly called mediation. In fact, the court will likely require you to participate in ADR before proceeding to trial.

At Whitaker Kent Ordell PLLC, we use ADR to resolve disputes whenever possible. This process is usually less expensive and less emotionally taxing than a drawn-out trial. Additionally, ADR often enables clients to implement more creative solutions than a trial court. That level of control is of particular benefit to parties with significant financial holdings.