Assisting You throughout Your Case—Your Role

Throughout the entire case, we provide the client with updates as their matter or case progresses. In litigation, there will be times that we will be working with you on nearly a daily basis to prepare for matters such as depositions. At other times, particularly when we are waiting for opposing counsel to provide a legal response to any particular issue, there may be no new developments for a number of days or more.

At the outset of your case, we will explain how litigation matters generally progress. Although at times we may not have any news to report to you, we will still be working to advance your case through discovery, strategy, file review, case law review, and various other case matters.

Settlement Opportunities

In most cases, there will be opportunities to engage in meaningful settlement discussions with opposing counsel. Often the best time for these discussions is after significant discovery has taken place, so that each side knows the testimony and evidence likely to be introduced at trial. As experienced family law attorneys, we will discuss with you the time or times that such discussions are likely to have the best result for you.


Today, a large percentage of civil litigation cases go through voluntary or mandatory mediation. The mediation process can be very productive toward achieving a fair settlement. The mediator does not judge cases, nor is it the role of the mediator to tell the other side why they are likely to lose. Instead, mediators are neutral parties whose function is to help opposing parties come together, if possible, in reaching a settlement that each of them can accept.


As your attorneys, it will be our primary responsibility to represent you to the best of our ability and to seek for you the reasonable objectives for your case. However, we cannot effectively represent you without your help.

At various times throughout your case, we will need your assistance to identify any key witnesses, gather supporting evidence, draft declarations, answer interrogatories, and prepare for depositions. We will take on as much of the litigation process as possible; however, your role and participation will be critical in furthering your case. We will let you know about the nature of the assistance we need from you for specific matters as your case progresses.

At any time throughout your case, we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail your attorney directly.